• Really enjoying the Specialist Pilates classes, my back, balance and golf swing are all much improved!


  • I felt that the Pilates classes had a really positive effect on my pregnancy, I didn’t suffer from any of the common aches and pains and this continued up past 38 weeks!

  • Having messed my lower back around very badly by playing rugby for too long, I found myself approaching 60 with chronic lower back pain, which interfered with sleeping and many aspects of general living. I was assessed by an orthopaedic surgeon who offered injections or 'physio'. It was suggested that Pilates could play a useful role and Hayley was recommended to me. Since the summer Hayley has visited for one-on-one Pilates sessions and her input is allowing me to make a significant difference to my condition. I think the fact that Hayley brings a set of professional competencies alongside her very natural ability to empathise means that you feel extremely confident about her suggestions. Over the years I have worked with, or been worked upon, by every kind of physical practitioner imaginable and I would unhesitatingly place Hayley above all of them. That said, in the end she can only do so much, ultimately it comes down to how hard you're prepared to work and to put into action the advice that she gives you.

  • I was recommended to attend Hayley's pilates class for a very painful bout of sciatica. I have now been attending classes for a couple of months and I practice what I have learnt regularly at home. The difference is significant. I can now touch my toes, whereas before I could barely touch my knees and I am no longer in pain. Hayley is knowledgeable, thorough and professional, whilst bringing a lightness to her classes with her buoyant zest for life. I thoroughly recommend Hayley's pilates classes.

  • After struggling with lower back pain for many years following a car accident, and after seeing several different chiropractors and physiotherapists, I was finally persuaded to try Pilates. I am more your boot camp, gym-goer and had always thought Pilates too low-key for me, however after attending three sets of sessions now I can honestly say that it has been the single best investment of time and money possible. Being taught by a qualified physio means that you are targeting and strengthening your whole core and being constantly checked to ensure you complete the moves correctly. I am stronger, more stable and no longer in daily pain. I would whole-heartedly recommend to anyone to improve their general fitness and well-being. As well as improving core strength, I find it relaxing and you get to meet some really great people.

  • Hayley’s Pilates classes are fun but she pushes you whilst also ensuring that everyone in the class is working within the constraints of their various conditions. She is very fastidious in going round the class to make sure that everyone has the technique and position spot on. We love the classes and after more than a year of doing them definitely feel the benefit. We have recommended Hayley’s classes to several of our friends and they love them too.

  • I had struggled with back pain and stiffness for about 18 months and would find it difficult to roll over, get out of bed, or bend. I had seen several consultants and been treated with some back injections with little effect and I really wanted to avoid surgery. It was suggested to me to join a physio based Pilates group run by Hayley at SPS. In my first class I could not get up from the exercise mat without pain. I stuck with it and over the following months my pain reduced almost completely even though mechanically my back has some wear and tear. I still go to the classes to maintain things, it helps with my all round flexibility and is good stress relief. Hayley herself is knowledgable and dedicated and helped me strengthen my core to achieve results I never thought possible, thank you.

  • I have suffered from a sciatic nerve pain for some time which was restricting my daily activities and ‘getting me down’. In fact I was feeling pretty miserable. My weekly Pilates class helped a little but was not really managing the daily discomfort, pain and pins and needles down my leg. Since Hayley’s acupuncture and exercise regime I have made great progress. Hayley not only diagnosed the problem but set out a plan to treat both the symptoms and the cause, which I feel, is an excellent approach given this is a chronic situation. Previously the chronic pain was affecting my physical and psychological wellbeing, Hayley’s plan has given me more energy and a positive attitude rather than lethargy and despondency.  The severe pain has been greatly reduced I am taking pain killers much less frequently. Hayley tailored the treatment to me as an individual. Her advice was comprehensive and reassuring. She gave me an awareness of how to perform exercises correctly in order to maintain my health and fitness and prevent further problems. I am able to incorporate the exercises into a daily routine which puts me back in control of my busy life and keeps me relatively pain free. I would strongly recommend Hayley as her specialist expertise of physiotherapy is by far the best in terms of effective treatment that I have ever experienced.

  • When I retired I began to have pain in my knees due to arthritis, the result being that over a number of years I was moved around NHS departments without any great success or pain relief.  A friend recommended Hayley and ever since her specialist knowledge has helped case manage my treatment, where she took care of providing all the necessary information to my GP and Consultant for further review which I would otherwise not have pursued.  The injections to my knee totally relieved the pain, and the exercises she provided have been excellent at keeping me active,  giving me hope again that I can now lead a healthy retirement.

  • I had knee pain and seemingly random periods of locking since 2001. Hayley assessed and correctly diagnosed a meniscal tear in my knee which a previous Consultant thought was due to my knee cap not tracking and wasn’t even shown on multiple MRI scans.  Her help lead to getting a second opinion and further investigations from another Consultant, and the subsequent arthroscopy on my knee revealed a large meniscal tear requiring repair.  I saw Hayley for my rehabilitation and I was extremely pleased with my progress.  Right from the outset she personalised my programme to include hockey-specific exercises as she recognised that returning to match fitness as quickly as possible was the driving force in my rehab.

    William, age 31, High Wycombe

  • After the birth of my first child I found myself with restricted movement, incredible stiffness and in significant pain in my lower back and legs. Having seen a Consultant, who wanted to operate, and two physios who were only temporarily eased my symptoms and not solve the root cause, I finally found my way to Hayley. She very quickly diagnosed the source of the pain and we set to work with regular weekly sessions and exercises for me to do at home. Within 6 weeks I was 90% improved, with very little discomfort and normal movement. After 18 long months of misery I was over joyed!! Hayley is a fantastic, approachable physio with excellent diagnosis skills who puts in place highly effective treatment plans.  I frequently recommend her to friends and family. Thanks Hayley!